Main Decisions

The Colombian Constitutional Court begins the publication of the english version of an abstract of its most important decisions
T-468/18Exercise worthy of motherhood in people with disabilities
C-140/18The Court reiterates the right of parents when their children are born.
T-452/18.Principle of continuity on the provision of health services to retired members of the police
T-448 / 2018The reduction of the sentence or pre-agreements in sexual crimes against children is not applicable
T -449/18Religious freedom does not exclude the guarantee of the fundamental right of petition
T-443 / 2018The rights of children as a limit to the autonomy of indigenous peoples.
C-117 / 2018The 5% tax on sanitary towels is unconstitutional
T-434 / 2018School transportation service and exceptional access of children to education programs for the elderly
C-101/2018The inability for tax debts is constitutional
SU-095/2018The "consulta popular" can not be used to prohibit extractive activities in a specific municipality or district.
SU-096/2018The Court reiterates the ruling C-355/ 2006. The case of abortion.
T-407A-2018Right to informed consent in cases of contracts in pornographic videos
T-365/18Condemn for homicide by the indigenous jurisdiction requests his case to be submitted to the special jurisdiction for peace
T-364/2018Constitutional Court protects fundamental rights to due process and privacy of two young people expelled from a school.
T-366 /2018Protection for a girl victim of an antipersonnel mine.
T-363/ 2018Religious freedom of people in jail
T-384 /2018The superior interest of the child and the joint custody of both parents.
C-080 / 2018Revision of the Statutory Law Project number 08 of 2017Senate - 016 of 2017 Chamber, "Statutory of the Administration of Justice in the Special Jurisdiction for Peace "
T-311/18Duties of the authorities in cases of intrafamily violence
T-305/2018The type of employment relationship is not an obstacle to labor protection
SU-075/ 2018The job stability of pregnant women. Change of jurisprudence
T-242/2018Family unity in the context of population density measures
T-240/ 2018Schools may discipline students who affect the right to privacy when they use social networks
T-243 /2018Protection to domestic work
T.244/2018Protection of political speech
C-063/2018Being single or not having children are disproportionate demands for professional soldiers
T-227/2018UARIV. Legal reasons when denying to include people in the registry.
T-210 /2018Health services for migrants
T-129/ 18Principles of proportionality and reasonability in suspension of intimate visitis in prisions .
T-126/2018Gender approach in language used in judicial decisions in case of victim of sexual violence.
T-117/2018Rigths to privacy , honour, ones`s good name and image in the social nerworks
C-017/18Commission for the Clarification of Truth, Coexistence and Non-Repetition
T-067/2018The risks of new information technologies and communications in schools. The case of the"blue whale" game.
T-023 /2018Right to nationality and to registration of birth for a minor born outside the country.
C-001/ 2018Unconstitutional the "servant" expression of the civil code
T-735/17State may become secod aggressor of a woman when there is no diligence in attending the denounces for gender based violence
DECISION C-730/17Development programs with territorial approach
T-695/2017Freedom of opinion can not be used to defame
T-675/2017Change of sex on identity card. The case of intersex children
SU-649/2017Quimbaya treasure must return to Colombia
T-590/2017Obligation to solve cases involving a gender perspective
: T-574/17Scope of the rigth to privacy against the dissemination of virtual conversation of chat created in the labor enviroment.
T-572/2017It is forbidden racial discrimination in an employment relationship
T-553/ 2017Shared retirement pension
T-332/2017 Y T544/2017Two new cases of euthanasia
T-543/2017Prohibition of preventive censorship to the information that warns about risks of consumption of sugary drinks
T-524/ 2017Duty of neutrality in religious matters of the official educational institutions.
T- 499 A/ 2017Reinforced labor protection of women pregnant or in the lactation period and adopting mothers
C-644/17Payment for environmental services and incentives to the conservation
C-408//17.Speakers of members of the Farc in the Congress
T-365/2017The case of vaccines against human papilloma
T-311/17.Right to love
T-304 / 2017Right to freedom of locomotion of people in disability situation
T-306/2017Corporal punishment of children is prohibited by the Constitution
T-277/2017Reinforced labor stability for workers bearing HIV/ AIDS.
T-276/ 2017Internet and telephones in prisons
C-253/17Modifications in the regime of royalties
T-250/ 2017Migratory policy of the colombian state
T-207/2017Who knowing the absence of the biological link through genetic tests has allowed time to pass without making use of legal mechanisms ratifies his legal, filial and social paternity.
T-302/2017Food and clean water for the Wayuu people
C-077/2017Relative Legislative Omission. Zones of Rural, Economic and Social Development
T-027/2017Violence, against women / Violence, gender-based
C-003/2017Right to education, / Scholarship, access.
T-725/2016Right to update information on the internet
C-699/ 2016Fast track procedure
T-564/16Rights of the victims of the armed conflict. Request to make a public act of recognition of responsibility in the Massacre of Santo Domingo.
C-659 /2016The limits on the activities that women can perform during voluntary military service are unconstitutional.
T-622/2016The Atrato River as a "subject of rigths"
T-594 /2016Protection of the rights of sex workers
T-560/16.Free development of personality
T-573/ 2016Contraceptive procedures can not be performed on people with disabilities without their consent
T-523/2016Right to inclusive education of children in a disability situation
C-379/ 2016The plebiscite as an endorsement mechanism to guarantee the ending of the armed conflict
T- 349/16Manuals of student coexistence can not impose aesthetic patterns
DECISION T-312/16Privation of liberty to indigenous people by detention in prison facilities
SU-214/2016Marriage of same sex couples from  notaries and judges
SU-214/16Celebration of civil marriage between same couples in Colombia
T-074 /2016Foster children
T- 012 /2016Economic violence in a couple constitutes discrimination.
C-683/15Adoption by same couples
T-478 / 2015Prohibition of all forms of discrimination and harassment in schools. Respect for people with diverse sexual orientation. Review of the Coexistence Manuals. The case of Sergio Urrego.
T-274/2015Right to reproductive health . In vitro fertilization treatment.
T-141/2015Phrases of hatred against homosexual people are contrary to the Constitution
C-071/15Adoption by same sex couples when the minor is the biological child of one member of a same sex couple
T-057/2015Fundamental right to try.
T-043/2015The case of the homeless
C-035/15Right to the information and comunications of blind and low people
T-024 / 2015Right to digna housing
T-967/2014Jealousy is a reason for divorce
T-970/2014Right to die with dignity. Euthanasia. The Colombian Constitutional Court Reiterates the considerations made in the decision C-239 of 1997.
T-850/2014Rigths to the deaf and deafblind population
SU617/2014Right of homosexual couples to adopt a child when he is the son of one of the partners
C-577/14Participation in politics of the demobilized
T-455/14Conscientius objectors of the military service
C-368/2014Increase of the criminal sanction for domestic violence offences
C-283/2014Animal welfare
T-192/14.The positive dimension of the right to equality
C-177/2014Forensic interview to children and adolescents victims of sexual offences, must comply with due process and respect for the superior interest of children
C-131/2014The prohibition of practicing surgical methods of contraception in minors
T-634/2013Protection of self - image
T-552/ 2013Right to transgender persons to access health services
T-372/2013Right to conjugal visits for LGBTI people.
SU-254/13Rights of the victims of the forced displacement
SU-198/ 2013Due process in criminal judment for high dignitaries.
T-077/2013Water rights in prisons
SU-070/2013Rules in the matter of protection reinforced to motherhood
T-416/2013Case in which the Board of Management of a building refuses to build a wheelchair ramp for an individual with a disability.
T-1077/ 2012precautionary principle
T-1078-2012Prohibition of slavery and mistreatment in cases of domestic service.
T-918/2012Right to sexual identity
T-691/2012Discrimination based on race
T-646/2012.The terms of maternity leave are extended in cases of premature babies and multiple births.
T-407/2012Cameras in the classrooms
C-288/2012Fiscal sustainability principle
T-248/2012Discrimination based on sexual orientation
T-905/2011Case of bullying
C-577/2011The homosexuals have the right to form a family.
C-439/2011The keeping of domestic animals as expression of fundamental right.
C-283/2011Protection to the facto marital unions and the rights for same-sex couple
T-267/2011The “Pavas” case.
C-216/2011The Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional the economic emergency.
T-129/11.Autonomy of the indigenous communities in ther own territories. Protection of their integrity and the enviroment
A-288/2010International cooperation and technical assistance in defense and security Agreement between Colombia and US
T-629/2010Protection to the sex workers (prostitution)
T-616/2010Right to Water
T-078/2010Testimony provided by sexually abused minors and the pro infans principle.
C-488/09.Prohibition and sanction of genocide
T-388/09.Sexual and reproductive rigths
T-291/2009Rights of informal recyclers
C-029/2009Rights to the same-sex couples
T-1258/2008Protection of handicap people/Protection against discriminatory action against targeted minorities
C-772/2008The walls of infamy
T-760/2008. Fundamental right to health
T-391/2007Protection of fundamental rights/ Freedom of speech
C-075/2007The Court recognized that same sex couples had the rigth to form a common law marriage. The equality rigths of same sex couples.
T-893A of 2006.The isolation in prisons is contrary to the human dignity of prisoners
C-370/2006Justice and Peace Law/ Amnesty/Human Rights/Victim´s Rights
C-355/2006Abortion/ Right to life, Right to health, Rigth to self-determination, Right to family/
C-076/2006Discrete and hidden minority groups
T-1090/2005Discrimination on the basis of race
C-1040/2005Constitutional Revision of re-election act
T-778/05Right to cultural identity on the exercise of political representation
C-590/2005New exceptional events in which is possible to lodge a complaint against sentences.
T-025/2004RIghts of victims of internal displacement
T-772/03Social State of Law. Public space
T-595/02Accessibility to the public transportation system
C-760/2001Legislative Procedure
C-371/2000Right to equality of women in the conformation of decisional institutions of the State
SU-337/99Right to sexual identity and free development of the hermaphrodites.
SU-360/1999Public space / right to work/ Rigts of the sellers in the street
SU-510/98. Restriction of the religious freedom of members of indigenous communitie
C-191/1998Meaning and scope of Article 101 of the Constitution; constitutional block and treaties on boundaries; international law and domestic law.
T-523/97Corporal punishment in the indigenous tradition.
C-239/1997The Euthanasia / Human Dignity/
SU-039/1997Constitutional protection of the social identity, cultural and economic life of the native community.
C-045/96Limitations to the right to information and liberty of press
C-225/95Additional protocol to the Geneva Conventions regarding the protection of victims of non-international armed conflicts.
T-484/94.televised political debates
T-425/94Censorhip to the media, a freedom of speech dilema
C-221/1994Personal use of drugs
C-113/93Capability of the Court to determine the effects of its decisions
C-027/93Decision C-027/93. Concordat
C-004/1992State of emergency; scope of the Constitutional Court's jurisdiction on social emergency’s motivation.
T-426/92Right to a vital minimum