Constitutional Court of Colombia

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The Colombian Constitutional Court begins the publication of the english version of an abstract of its most important decisions
C-004/1992 State of emergency; scope of the Constitutional Court's jurisdiction on social emergency’s motivation.
C-191/1998 Meaning and scope of Article 101 of the Constitution; constitutional block and treaties on boundaries; international law and domestic law.
C-029/2009 Rights to the same-sex couples
SU-039/1997 Constitutional protection of the social identity, cultural and economic life of the native community.
C-370/2006 Justice and Peace Law/ Amnesty/Human Rights/Victim´s Rights
SU-360/1999 Public space / right to work/ Rigts of the sellers in the street
T-391/2007 Protection of fundamental rights/ Freedom of speech
A-288/2010 International cooperation and technical assistance in defense and security Agreement between Colombia and US
C-239/1997 The Euthanasia / Human Dignity/
C-1040/2005 Constitutional Revision of re-election act
C-355/2006 Abortion/ Right to life, Right to health, Rigth to self-determination, Right to family/
T-1258/2008 Protection of handicap people/Protection against discriminatory action against targeted minorities

C-216/2011 The Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional the economic emergency.
T-629/2010 Protection to the sex workers (prostitution)
T-616/2010 Right to Water
T-267/2011 The “Pavas” case.
T-283/2011 Protection to the facto marital unions and the rights for same-sex couples.
C-439/2011 The keeping of domestic animals as expression of fundamental right.
C-577/2011 The homosexuals have the right to form a family.
T-078/2010 * Testimony provided by sexually abused minors and the pro infans principle.
C-772/2008 * The walls of infamy
C-221/1994 * Drug use as personal use.
T-1090/2005 * Discrimination on the basis of race

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