T-077-13 Water rights in prisons 

In this case, the plaintiff alleges a breach of his fundamental right to water, human dignity, life and health by the COIBA Prison Complex in the town of Ibagué, because he is not being supplied sufficient water to bathe or shower and to keep clean the toilets and the cells of prison yard where he is being held, which is causing unpleasant odors and diseases in the prisoners. The Court refers to the following topics: 1. Fundamental rights of the persons deprived of their liberty and the special relationship of subjection in relation to the State, which determines their extent. 2. The fundamental right to water and the obligation of the state to ensure the provision of at least minimum essential levels. 3. The strengthened guarantee of the fundamental right to water to all those individuals deprived of their liberty as particularly vulnerable subjects.


Other decisions. T-282/2014