Decision T-274 of 2015. Right to reproductive health . In vitro fertilization treatment.


In this case, a health care company infringes the fundamental rights of a woman with fertility problems when it denies the authorization for an in vitro fertilization treatment (FIV) to her which has been requested as the only possibility to have children biologically.The Colombian Constitutional Court considered necessary to follow the guidelines given by a judgement of 28 November 2012, about the case Artavia Murillo and others v. Costa Rica (“In Vitro Fertilisation”). Similarly, the Court reiterates decision T-528 of 2014 which ordered Colombian government to add the in vitro fertilization treatment to the Mandatory Health Plan. The Court guarantees the right to reproductive health and orders a health care company to authorize an in vitro fertilization treatment.


Other decisions T-306, T-398 y T-375 de 2016