T- 675 de 2017

Chance of sex on the identity card. The case of intersex children


The Court held ( T-498 / 2017) that in Colombia any colombian is allowed to request a change of sex in a Notary Office and that this will be registered in his or her ID. The Court considered ( T-675 of 2017) that if children can make decisions as irreversible as a surgery for sex change or abortion, why not do it on the change of an identity document, which in any case is a procedure that can be modified after 10 years. For this reason the ruling decided to allow young people ( intersex ) make these decisions in protection of their rights to the free development of their personality, equality and personal autonomy, provided that the following requirements are met: 1. there must be a clear free manifestation and informed by the child; 2. that the child is close to turning 18 years of age and 3. It must be proven through medical concepts that the child is in the process of implementing a gender transition.