Prohibition of all forms of discrimination and harassment in schools. Respect for people with diverse sexual orientation. Review of the Coexistence Manuals. The case of Sergio Urrego.

The Constitutional Court issued a ruling that protected the rights to privacy, good name, equality, non-discrimination, the free development of personality, education and due process of young Sergio Urrego. The Court concluded that at the Castillo Campestre Gymnasium, Urrego was subjected to an irregular disciplinary process, which constituted discrimination and school bullying, which could have affected the decision he made to commit suicide.

Sergio Urrego Reyes, was a gay young man who studied in the aforementioned school and took his own life after suffering bulling and harassment by school officials, who accused him of sexual harassment and committing a fault in the school's Coexistence Manual - Homosexuality was forbidden - for having kissed a partner, with whom he had an emotional relationship.The Court reviewed the case and granted the tutela for the aforementioned rights, and ordered the Ministry of Education to review the manuals of coexistence of all the schools in Colombia so that they could adapt their norms to the contents of the Political Constitution; the  Court also ordered an act of reparation at the school where they recognized "Sergio's virtues, his legacy and the respect that he should be given to his life project"