Prohibition of slavery and mistreatment in cases of domestic service.

The petitioner indicated in her tutela , that she had been subjected to forced domestic work, to mistreatment and even sexual abuse at the home of a family where she worked as a domestic servant, who did not pay her for many years.The Court recalled that slavery, servitude, forced labor and trafficking in human beings are prohibited, because they contain serious and serious violations of fundamental rights. The Court said that Article 17 of the Constitution protects the rights to physical liberty and dignity, which prohibit a person from being reduced to the condition of an object over which he exercises dominion and limits his autonomy to determine his project of life and your body. The Court orders the Ministry of the Interior to assist the petitioner and coordinate with the entities that make up the Interinstitutional Committee for the Fight against Trafficking in Persons, the necessary investigations to find her family and allow her to reconstruct her past. The family that committed the abuses was also sentenced to pay compensation in favor of the petitioner.