Rights of the victims of the armed conflict. Request to make a public act of recognition of responsibility in the massacre of Santo Domingo.

In this case, the plaintiff considers that the Presidency of the Republic violated his right to reparation as a victim of the armed conflict, after refusing to comply with certain orders given by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in the case of the Santo  Domingo Massacre, specifically the one related to the acknowledgment of State responsibility. The Constitutional Court reiterates its jurisprudence on the right to reparation for victims and recognition of State responsibility; issues related to the obligation of the Colombian State to comply with the orders issued by the CIDH are analyzed.

The  Constitutional Court grants the  tutela ordering the National Government, headed by the Ministries of National Defense and Foreign Affairs, to hold a public act of recognition of responsibility in the terms of the judgment of the IACHR delivered on November 30, 2012, known as the "Massacre of Santo Domingo Vs Colombia." It was also said that the full participation of the victims of the acts should be allowed in compliance with the previous provision.