The action for protection was filed by the parents of a high school student, a girl of the ITI School who was the subject of taunts and verbal attacks from her classmates about her acne and her good performance at school; her classmates also pressured her to withdraw from school. The plaintiffs seek the protection of the fundamental rights of their daughter, since the treatment suffered by the minor has caused her serious alterations in her behavior and has affecteds her self-esteem. In its decision, the Colombian Constitutional Court refers to jurisprudence of this Court with regard to the protection of children in the educational institutions and the Court orders the Ministry of Education, in coordination with the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF), the Ombudsman’s Office and the Office of the Inspector General, to lead the formulation of a general policy to prevent, detect and care for cases of harassment, and bullying, policy that should address all the academic community of the ITI, institution which is given a period to modify its Educational Community Handbook.


*Other decisions: T-562 / 2014, T-478 / 2015, T-281A/ 2016